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Rope steel wire

Galflow: zinc and aluminum alloy, galvanized

Packaging method: Plum -style upper pumping

Product Details

Product advantages:

1. Adopt automatic feedback nitrogen wipe and wipe high -speed line -retracting zinc layers up to 200d/㎡

2. Be static to rotate the rotating roller zinc layer more uniform

3. From the line to the closing line and the transition roller of each road roller to maintain the tension of each machine, not trembling or trembling, avoiding the production of zinc tumors as much as possible

4. The heat treatment furnace adopts a 5 -stage temperature control method, the cooling method of the water bath, and better obtain the uniform Schoening tissue

5. Receiving line method is PLC automatic constant tension control

6. Adopt V -shaped slide slide and intermittent intermittent rotation chassis to make the steel line fall layered to form a plum -style line

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