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How to solve the fault of micro -steel wire rope electric gourd?
Time:2022-09-14 Source:Ganghai Metal

In the process of applying micro -wire ropes, we will inevitably encounter large and small electric gourd failure problems. So how to solve it?

1. Check the molten melting of the micro -wire rope electric gourd power. If one phase is broken, the electric gourd motor starts with a single phase, the starting torque is 0, the motor cannot be rotated, and the fuse should be changed.

2. Secondly, the power grid voltage is too low. The starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. The accelerated torque cannot overcome the load torque. If the operating speed cannot be achieved, the power grid voltage should be appropriately increased.

3. Short -circuit, grounding or disconnection of stator winding. When the winding is grounded, the wiring box should be turned on; not only check the motor during the disconnection, but also check whether the control device wiring is correct, and the contactor is changed when needed.

4. There are too large loads or faults of transmission machinery. Generally, the power of the motor of the micro -steel wire rope electric gourd is reasonable. The lifting of the lift cannot be overloaded. If the electric gourd cannot be rotated, the load is removed first. Institutions, deal with faults.