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The changes after the decreasing of the stainless steel wire rope
Time:2022-09-14 Source:罡海金属

After annealing, there will be many changes after annealing, and the verticality will be better and will not be released. However, many steel wire ropes will decrease after the annealing, especially multiple stainless steel wire ropes. For example, the stainless steel wire rope with a diameter of 7*19 diameter is decreased after the retreat is cleared, but it will not be opened. The verticality is also very good.

For a single -share special steel wire rope, most of the customers demand for retreat, because single -stock wire rope mainly focuses on its tension. The thicker this rope, the more difficult it is to solve the stock. After clearing the retreat, the special steel wire rope will also become brighter than the previous, and the surface is bright and oily.