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Galvanized steel wire rope future development prospects
Time:2022-09-14 Source:Ganghai Metal

Galvanized steel wire rope has been developing in China for decades. Taking Nantong as an example, there are no less than 40 large and small manufacturers of stainless steel wire rope manufacturers. , Stainless Steel 201, micro steel wire rope, etc.

So what is the future development direction of galvanized steel wire?

I. Industry markets, such as motor vehicles, steel wire ropes, steel wire ropes on the plane, etc. are all galvanized steel wire ropes in the future development direction, and the profits are objective. Of course, it also has high requirements for equipment technology.

Second, to do foreign markets, many steel wire rope exports are still considerable. The labor cost is higher than the year, but there is still a gap with the European and American markets, so this is also a good choice.

Third, the market segmented market can be meticulous in front of the market, and the galvanized wire rope can be meticulous, and the enterprise can survive.

Fourth, the cost is needed. Through new methods, such as the marketing cost of e -commerce, offline production+online manufacturers direct sales are still competitive in the low -end market!