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Company Profile

Jiangyin Ganghai Metal Products Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, equipment and application engineering with diversified development. Its steel wire, steel wire rope and its mechanical equipment are exported to all over the world. Founded in 2016, the company is located in Jiangyin, China, a small city in the south of the Yangtze River known as the land of fish and rice. The company has a superior geographical location, convenient travel, and accessible logistics. It has a three-dimensional transportation network of sea, land, air, and railway. It is 15 minutes away from high-speed rail and subway to transfer at the station; 40 minutes' drive from Sunan International Airport; 200 kilometers away from Shanghai Yangshan Port International Terminal, which is the core CBD of South Jiangsu's half-hour economic circle. Large and medium-sized cities in China can be reached in one day by air, even if the journey is thousands of miles away, they can be returned in one day by high-speed rail. The transportation conditions are unique. Whether it is for travel and business negotiation, or logistics and delivery, these good geographical conditions will bring a better user experience to the partners.


"Scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, integration and win-win", the spirit of craftsman drives scientific and technological innovation, the company pays attention to the construction and training of talents, there are 1 national professor, 1 doctoral student, 2 senior engineers, 2 graduate students, mainly engaged in steel wire Research and development of practical technologies for drawing forming, pressure deformation, and special-shaped rolling; in terms of wire rope twisting: stress relief, tension control, process optimization of surface coating, and technology research and innovation work on the frontier of deep processing of products. The company attaches great importance to team building and is familiar with the way of employing people. Through equity incentives, partner systems, and other management innovation incentives, it stimulates its capabilities and does not forget its original intention. On the other hand, with the help of strong external forces and colleges and universities to jointly build a cooperation platform, develop new application fields for steel wire and steel wire rope, and form a close technical alliance relationship; introduce cross-industry surface treatment technology to improve the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of steel wire and rope. Nai salt spray time. Especially in the steel wire galvanizing and tinning technology, the creative use of gas wiping and electromagnetic wiping to control the coating thickness, uniform control, and zinc tumor control not only greatly improves product quality and efficiency, but also reduces zinc consumption by 15%. In terms of glue coating and coloring for steel wire and steel wire rope, we digested and absorbed foreign ultraviolet curing equipment technology and technology, and proposed a green factory coating scheme, which greatly improved the working environment of the factory and reduced the environmental protection cost and pressure of the enterprise.

"Value sharing, service first", this is the basis of mutual benefit and win-win with customers. The company has established a professional sales engineer team to provide the market with pre-sale, after-sale and in-sale services for products, and answer any questions raised by customers about products; Tailor-made one-to-one new product development services for customer market needs. Creating the core value of the supply chain for customers, providing customers with value-added services for products, saving energy and improving efficiency for customers, and creating profits for customers are the core value concepts of our company's market development.
"Technology empowerment, intelligent manufacturing, quality blessing", use technology to empower enterprises to innovate and develop continuously, use the concept of quality first to support fine management to win the market, use big data platform, supply chain sharing, collaborative development, and continuously provide to the market A good product with superior stability and valuable experience.
"Quality is created by the heart, and ingenuity is born with love." Your needs are our pursuit. Technological innovation, good products, pursuit of excellence, we are always on the road!
"Innovation drives development, ingenuity shapes quality, integrity wins the future", this is the long-term pursuit of the corporate goal and belief of Jiangyin Ganghai Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Mutual benefit

There are five series of steel wire produced by the company at present, 1 galvanized steel wire 2 galvanized aluminum alloy steel wire 3 spring steel wire special-shaped steel wire 4 steel wire for optical cable and cable 5 galvanized nail steel wire; six series of steel wire rope 1 steel wire rope for synchronous belt 2 steel wire rope for automobile 3 Steel wire ropes for electric vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles 4 Steel wire strands for optical cables 5 Steel wire ropes for elevator traction belts 6 Steel wire ropes for pipe belts.

Advantages of cooperation

"Quality is born of the heart, and ingenuity is born of love." Your needs are our pursuit. Technology innovation, good products, and pursuit of excellence, we have been on the road!

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